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Prior to 1894, the extinguishment of fires in the Town of Eastchester was left to self-organized, impromptu groups. During this year, the Waverly Engine Company was formed with fifteen men. The following company to be formed was the Tuckahoe Hose Company in June of 1895. After this came the Bronxville Engine and Hose Company in July 1896. The Rescue Hook and Ladder Company came next on April 2nd, 1896. 

As the need for more fire protection became apparent, the Union Corners Hose Company was formed on January 14, 1904. Then the North End Hose Company on March 20, 1905, and next the Patrol Company on December 26, 1935. The North End Hook and Ladder Company was organized on May 8, 1941, and the Emergency Squad No. 1 was organized as a part of the Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. 

On January 26th, 1897, Eastchester’s first consolidated fire fighting force came into being when the four volunteer companies of the town were merged into a single administrative unit.  In 1916, the State Legislature passed a law setting up Fire Districts, and the Eastchester Fire District was incorporated. The Town Board was also directed to establish a three-man Board of Commissioners. In 1935, state law provided that the number of Fire Commissioners be increased in number to five and in 1940, the State Supreme Court ruled that all Fire Commissioners must be elected.

Today, the Eastchester Fire District is fully staffed by career firefighters and the legacy volunteers attend ceremonial details. Eastchester Fire District provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Eastchester and the Villages of Bronxville and Tuckahoe. The district is approximately 5 square miles in size and provides protection for one hospital, one 24-hour nursing home, one college, three school districts, numerous private schools, day-care centers, industrial facilities, residences, and businesses. Eastchester Fire District follows a pre-planned mutual aid agreement through the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services.