Fire Chief's Message

Photo of Chief Brian Tween wearing firefighter helmet by truckCHIEF BRIAN TWEEN

It is a great honor to serve as Fire Chief of the Eastchester Fire District. I started my tenure with the Eastchester Fire District as a volunteer firefighter with the Union Corners Engine and Hose #4 at the Chester Heights firehouse in April of 1984. I became a Career Firefighter in February of 1992, and have risen through the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, and was promoted to Fire Chief in April of 2017. 

I am proud of the technology upgrade projects that have been implemented in recent years. Our radios have been upgraded, the radio tie lines to our dispatchers at the Westchester County Department of Emergency services are now on fiber optic cables, computers have been installed in each firehouse so reports can be filed digitally, and tablets have been installed in each fire truck for location and fire hydrant mapping. 

The fleet of vehicles have also been updated in recent years. Three fire engine pumpers were purchased in 2019, replacing twenty-year-old pumpers, and a ladder truck was purchased in 2020 to replace an 18-year-old truck, which is now used as a spare, replacing a 30-year-old spare ladder truck.

The Officers and Firefighters have shown their dedication to the residents of the Fire District time and again at emergency incidents, but I am extremely proud of their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began, our responses to emergency medical incidents have risen from about 35 percent of our incidents to about 50 percent of our incidents. The Officers and Firefighters along with EVAC and the local Police Departments have met the challenges presented by the pandemic through their dedication and commitment to serving the residents.

I look forward to working with the Board of Fire Commissioners, the Fire Officers, and Firefighters to continue to move the Fire District forward.

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Michael Grogan - Chief of Department December 14, 2004 - March 31, 2017

Picture of Former Fire Chief Michael Grogan

Keith E. Fennelly - Chief of Department December 31, 1997 - December 14, 2004

Picture of Former Fire Chief Keith E. Fennelly

George G. Glover, Sr. Chief of Department July 14, 1990 - December 31, 1997

Picture of Former Fire Chief George G. Glover, Sr.

Arthur J. Reid - Chief of Department January 1, 1982 - July 14, 1990

Picture of Former Fire Chief Arthur J. Reid

Henry P. Reinhardt - Chief of Department April 1, 1972 - January 1, 1982

Picture for Former Fire Chief Henry P. Reinhardt

Amerigo Catano -- Provisional Chief --March 1, 1971- April 1, 1972

Picture of Former Fire Chief Amerigo Catano

Robert J. White -- Chief of Department -- May 1, 1950 - May 31, 1971

Picture of Former Fire Chief Robert J. White

Arthur Steuhl -- Chief of Department -- (PT - January 1, 1928 - January 18, 1934) (FT - January 19, 1934-June 1, 1950)

Picture of Former Fire Chief Arthur Steuhl