After I pass the test, what should I expect?

Based on your performance on the exam, your name will be put on a civil service list in list number order. You must then be nominated by Eastchester Fire District to take the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) physical portion of the exam. If offered a position as a Probationary Firefighter with Eastchester Fire District, you will then take a medical, be subject to a drug screening, and begin your character and background investigation. Your eligibility requirements will also be checked at this time. You must then complete a 17-week classroom and physical fitness program that includes fire service training through the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services.

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1. What are a Firefighters duties?
2. What benefits do you receive as an Eastchester Firefighter?
3. Can a woman be a Firefighter?
4. When is the next written exam?
5. Will EFD offer a free exam prep course?
6. After I pass the test, what should I expect?
7. Do I have to have a driver’s license to be a Firefighter?
8. Where can I find an application to take the exam?
9. How long does it take to establish a list after I take the Firefighter exam?
10. How do I get more information?